Interactive CBT Virtual Activity Trainer e-Book Learning Management System
Interactive Online Course
We develop CBT courses fulfilling your exact requirements. The High quality graphics, real time simulation and high level of interaction which we use in our courses are the distinctive features identifying us as best in class. 
Virtual Activity Trainer (VAT) Development
EDRAK is specialized in the development of highly sophisticated Virtual Activity Trainers (VATs) designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients. EDRAK can develop for you VATs to help you train your staff on complex machineries, equipment and systems. Our VATs allow students to practice activities, experiments and procedures virtually as in real life any number of times, adding to hands on experience, thus, improving trainee skills, reducing safety risks and lowering the overall training cost.
EDRAK can develop for you ‘livEBook’ based on your requirements or based on our own research. EDRAK e-books are remarkably different from other
e-books in the market as they incorporate several features for a better educational experience.
Learning Management System
Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based learning platform for the complete management of the learning process. This platform provides trainees the ability to administer the Computer Based Training (CBT) program in a very efficient manner with the ability to interact seamlessly with the trainee’s sponsoring organization. It also offers the trainee a great learning environment in which individual customized content and interaction with instructors are readily available.

LMS also offers advanced testing and reporting tools to help trainees gain valuable insights into the proficiency and performance of training programs, identify areas of improvement, and drive better personal and organizational development. Tests can be created and published with multiple question types and testing formats with real-time access to scores and status.


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